How to make money streaming: 6 ways to go live and get paid.

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The internet has indeed made things easy for us. Earning money can now be done from the comfort of our homes. 9-5 jobs are no longer what is needed to be successful in life. With a good internet connection and a smart device, making money becomes easy.

What better ways to earn from the internet than through online streaming? Well, it is one of the best and convenient ways. How to make money from home whilst having fun is no longer a problem.

Live streaming your favorite games can become more than just a hobby if you apply the six tips listed in this article.

Teach others the game online

If you’re a professional gamer, then this option is for you. You can set up online tutorials about and teach people your favorite games.

As long as the knowledge you are willing to share is useful to someone, people will be willing to pay. Just make sure your classes are fun and affordable. That way, more people are likely to participate.

Sell tickets to live contents

Selling tickets to live content is a good way to earn from live streaming. All you need to do is develop contents that people would look forward to seeing online.

As your viewers increase, the income increases. It must not be only gaming content, you can decide to get creative and add other things of interest. More details!

Sell your merch

Merch is another great way to earn from online streaming. The merch must not be just T-shirts. It can be mugs, toys, biros, and so on.

All you need to open an online market and create a design relating to the game. Make sure the design is catchy and fine, you tend to sell more with that at your disposal.

Brand deals

This is like the highest-paid source for live streaming. In this category, game brands pay you to promote their games.

Signing a brand deal means you need to use your live platform to advertise the brand’s product. Most brands usually look for live streamers with more views and followers.

Ads revenues

By joining the right streaming platform, you can make money from ads. Platforms you can join to make money from ads include YouTube, Facebook Live and twitch.

Viewer’s payments from streaming platforms

This might not yield as much as the other methods, but it can sure add up to something. Your viewers only need to pay a meager amount before viewing your content. As long as your content is interesting, viewers would not mind visiting every day.


First, it was blogging and freelancing that were leading the internet market. Live streaming has joined the category too since you can earn as much money as people earn from blogging. The six methods above are very convenient.

Choose one and try investing your time in it. It might take a while before you start earning but trust me, you would still earn. Learn more details at:


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